Classic Rolex Swiss Luxury Replica Watches — The Green Submariner Reference 116610LV

The Green Submariner Reference 116610LV, A Special Replica Rolex Watch

When green was Fake Rolex’s official company color, it was obviously absent from the majority of the replica watches that have been produced throughout their incredibly long and glorious history. Only in recent years, the Rolex replica has begun to add small splashes of green to their various watch lines, often marking the anniversary of the company’s achievements on a particular model or milestone.

The stainless steel Rolex Submariner Replica has traditionally been a watch with a black dial and bezel inserted. Although blue is the choice for divers who choose to purchase pure gold or Rolesor (stainless steel and gold) Submariner, and you know black is the only color of Rolex’s classic stainless steel diving watch.

Luxury Rolex Submariner 116610LV Watch

In 2004, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their legendary Submariner line of Replica Watches, Rolex issued the reference 16610LV submariner that features a bright green baffle insert – the first for their line of traditional monochrome stainless steel diving watches. The public is generally accepted color splashes; and in 2010, Rolex launched another stainless steel submariner that featured company color: the Rolex Submariner reference 116610LV.

With the 50th anniversary commemorating 16610LV Submariner paired with a black dial with a green bezel inserted, the dial and insert at reference 116610LV is bright green color. In addition, Reference 116610LV Submariner uses Rolex’s new redesigned case and Cerachrom (ceramic) baffle inserts to make the entire watch a larger and thicker appearance, despite preserving its predecessor in the same 40mm size case.

So, that’s why most men choose Rolex Swiss Luxury Watches in the UK.