High-end Replica Rolex Space-Dweller Ultimate Buying Guide

In the world of replica luxury watches, especially when it comes to vintage Rolex watches, the word “rare” is often overused. However, some works can only be described in this way, because not only are they rarely seen, but also few people have heard of them. The fake Rolex Space-Dweller is a good example. This Space Dweller is so rare that few men and women have seen it with their own eyes, and its story is not like other Rolex watches, which can be seen everywhere on the brand’s website.

Rolex had introduced Space-Dweller watches quietly in the 1960s. However, this is not a production model, but a renamed Explorer 1016 watch test model – exclusively released in the Japanese or UK market. Although Space-Dweller had not proven to be popular enough to be worthy of full production at the time, it is now one of the most elusive classic Rolex watches ever made. Learn more about this mysterious 60s vintage sports watch in our Ultimate Buying Guide to Rolex Space-Dweller.

Details About Designer Rolex Space-Dweller

  • Production Years: 1963 – 1966 (approx.)
  • Case: 36mm (stainless steel)
  • Dial: Black Explorer-style dial (time-only)
  • Movement: Caliber 1560/1570 (automatic)
  • Strap/Bracelet: Oyster Bracelet (stainless steel)

Best Rolex Space-Dweller Timeline:

  • 1953: Rolex debuts the Explorer watch in honor of the ascent of Mount Everest.
  • 1958-1963: Project Mercury – the United States’ first man-in-space program.
  • 1963: Rolex tests the Space-Dweller watch (a rebranded Explorer ref. 1016) in the Japanese market after the NASA goodwill tour.
  • Mid-1960s: Rolex abandons the Space-Dweller watch name.

The History of Replica Rolex Space-Dweller

Fake Rolex Space-Dweller

The world has always been fascinated by explorers – they are pioneers who dare to explore the unknown world, paving the way for us secondary mortals, tame the wilderness and open up new horizons. In the past, these fearless souls were called trailblazers in myths and legends. They were on the two sides of the earth for fame, glory, wealth, or – in the case of Mt. Everest, simply “because it is there.”.

Perhaps one of the last true heroes, who fully summarizes the essence of exploration, is the astronaut known as Mercury 7. The staff of NASA’s Mercury program includes Alan Shepard and John Glenn. They are not only the elite of the elite, they are also at the forefront of new adventures, and finally, lead us out of the final frontier. They are big fans of Rolex copy watches.

In the early 1960s, in the darkest days of the Cold War, the daring exploration of this small group of super-humans won them unprecedented praise and applause. The fierce space competition with the Soviet Union is evenly matched. Every victory of the Mercury astronauts gives people hope that the balance of power will eventually tilt towards the United States. Following the historical mission of John Glenn – to circumnavigate the earth three times in less than five hours – the team embarked on a journey of global goodwill in 1963, where, every time they Both are hailed as champions.

When they were in Japan, the Japanese public enthusiastically met with these astronauts, and cheap fake Rolex saw this as a potential opportunity. After all, the Swiss watchmaker is commemorating the legendary expeditions of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay to Mount Everest. In fact, the famous Rolex Explorer watch launched in 1953 is to commemorate this historic achievement. Therefore, Rolex can also issue a watch as a tribute to the new space explorers. They did it, the Rolex Space-Dweller replica watches were released in 1963.

Rolex did not go all out for a complete production line, but took a prudent approach and released a very limited number of test models. In addition, it is curious that the Rolex replica has not been released globally, but only released Space-Dweller in Japan. Perhaps people’s thinking is that since the Japanese public is so enthusiastic about astronauts, they will also accept high-end fake Rolex watches named after space explorers.

High-quality 1:1 Rolex Space-Dweller Watch

Copy Rolex Space-Dweller Watch

The new Rolex Space-Dweller is actually an Explorer ref. 1016, equipped with a special dial. However, there is no “Explorer” name anywhere on the dial. Below is the mandatory “Oyster Perpetual” text where the brand name and the “Explorer” label are usually placed in the “Space-Dweller” name.

The rest of the watch, from the 36mm size to the trademark 3/6/9 numerals, is exactly the same as the standard Explorer 1016. This is one of the most beautiful, elegant, and down-to-earth models ever produced by knockoff Rolex. Inside the chassis is a time-only caliber 1560/1570 that automatic movement swiss made.

The affordable Rolex Space-Dweller replica is produced in small quantities and is only used as a trial and only sold in Japan. Although the heroes who returned from the Mercury mission were welcomed by rock stars in Japan, this watch designed to capitalize on their achievements failed to land decisively among the Japanese public, and sales were very low. Since the Rolex Space-Dweller never took off, this idea was abandoned a few years after its debut.

If this model can capture men’s imagination like Mercury-mania, Rolex is ready to put the renamed Explorer into production. In fact, Space-Dweller was retired before it started, leaving us with one of the works that redefine the word “rare”. For classic Rolex, the lack of popularity may be unfortunate, but for today’s vintage watch collectors, this means that Space-Dweller is an extremely rare style.

The Value of Copy Rolex Space-Dweller

It is estimated that replica Rolex only produced dozens of Space-Dweller branded Explorer 1016 watches in the mid-1960s. Therefore, the possibility of finding Space-Dweller in the wild is as great as you can convince the world that the moon is made of cheese. The most hardcore Rolex collectors can never look at it for a lifetime. On special occasions, an example will indeed be sold, and the price is often astronomical.

Because there are too few examples of imitation Rolex Space-Dweller, they are rarely auctioned. However, top auction houses made some compelling sales for this elusive model. In 2022, the price of Space-Dweller was only $300. This may seem trivial today, but it does exceed the original high estimate of $200.

In 2020, the counterfeit Space-Dweller appeared at an auction and sold for $400. In 2021, another example was sold at an auction in London for $600, exceeding its estimated $100 to $500. In 2022, a luxurious Rolex Space Dweller (circa 1966) came to Hong Kong for auction and will be sold for more than $136,000, which was ten times the value of the 2002 auction.

For those who are lucky enough to own a copy Space-Dweller watch, they are the holders of a truly rare and fascinating watch in Rolex history. This replica watch was originally made as a tribute to the greatest achievement on earth and was later transformed to celebrate our first tentative step into the field of infinite space exploration.