Swiss Rolex Submariner Replica vs. Fake Rolex Explorer II Watch Review For Men

When it comes to Fake Rolex Sports Watches, Submariner and Explorer II are the most popular. Although they are all sturdy, purpose-built watches, they are almost identical in almost every respect.

However, if you are not familiar with both watches, comparing the two industry giants may be daunting. So here, I will break down everything you need to know about Copy Rolex Submariners and Replica Rolex Explorer II and compare them.

Luxury Rolex Submariner Replica For Men

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The real sports watch, Submariner and Explorer II are built by Rolex and take into account the specific work – the hint lies in their name. Unsurprisingly, the submersible is a diver’s watch designed for overtime diving and withstand the ruthless pressure of 300 meters (1000 feet) deep. In fact, this replica watch has been one of the world’s top diving watches since its first release in 1953.

On the other hand, Explorer II was originally introduced in 1971 as a stone scientist working in deep underground caves. But like the original Rolex explorer – it provides its roots – Explorer II attracts a variety of adventurers and explorers, especially since its popular 40th anniversary.

Famous history about Fake Rolex Watch

No, I am not talking about the famous look of the Rolex submariner replica and Explorer II – we will be there soon. Both watches have a long history with Rolex, and they have been worn for many years and are loved by many famous faces.

“Diver” is famous for the appearance of James Bond, author Ian Fleming wrote: “He can’t just wear a watch. It must be a Rolex. For many years, Sean Connery’s 007 wearing a Rolex Submariner ref. 6538 and Roger Moore Sports Reference 5513. As one of the most popular Rolex replica models ever, we often see Submariners moving on the wrists of celebrities and politicians today – whether they are divers or not.

Rolex Explorer II also adds brilliance to celebrities and famous explorers. Hollywood actor, Jason Statham can often see activities on the red carpet, with a Vintage Rolex Ref. 1655 – the first Explorer II reference. At the same time, Prince Harry prefers the modern version of the watch and has a 42 mm Explorer II ref. 216570 and a white “Polar” dial.

Designer Fake Rolex Explorer II Watch

Designer Rolex Submariner Vs. Explorer II: Case, Bezel, and Bracelet

This is where the difference between the Submariner and the Explorer II becomes very obvious. First, the Submariner has a colored one-way timing baffle, which today has black, blue, or green. Before Rolex began using the modern, scratch-resistant Cerachrom (aka ceramic) baffle on the Submariner in 2020, it used an aluminum baffle. The baffle is one of the main selling points of this watch because its color does add some great personality to the wrist, which is one of the decisive features of the Cheap Rolex Submariner Collection.

The waterproof oyster shell on the Submariner is 40mm, and with the bracelet, you can build oyster steel (904L stainless steel), solid 18k yellow gold, or character (two-tone steel and gold). For many collectors, this is another big selling point, because the combination of alloy and baffle does allow a lot of style and creativity. Before I forgot: the Knockoff Rolex Submariner has always had an oyster bracelet, but in recent years the improved Glidelock buckle has been updated, which allows for a perfect fit without tool adjustment.

Then there is a softer repair of the stainless steel bezel of the Rolex Explorer II replica watch, which matches the case and has a 24-hour mark ratio. This feature is specifically designed for explorers who need to distinguish between day and night – think of cave explorers or polar explorers in the summer peaks, the sun never falls.

For decades, the durable waterproof oyster casing on the Explorer II has a measuring range of 40 mm, but after the redesign of the 40th anniversary of the series in 2011, its range has expanded to 42 mm. However, while Rolex produces the precious metal version of the Submariner, Explorer II is exclusively offering 904L stainless steel and has never produced any pure gold or two-tone models. The current Explorer II only offers steel oyster bracelets with oyster locks, but to be honest, when it comes to Fake Rolex Explorer II, collectors are more concerned about what really makes this watch: face.

The Explorer II dial is iconic for several reasons. The most striking thing is the colorful 24-hour hand, which turns around the face. The first is the iconic orange 24-hour hand, originally designed to help polar and cave explorers distinguish between night and day and derive their cult status from the original “Steve McQueen” reference. Rolex eventually brought back a bright orange hand with a lot of sensation. Then there is the red 24-hour hand, which beautifies the dial for decades – it is significantly different from the orange hand, which has a thinner body and a smaller glowing triangle at the tip. The red 24-hour hand dial is far less heavy than the orange dial but still makes the Explorer II stand out in the Rolex lineup.

High-end Rolex Submariner Vs. Explorer II: Dial & Hands

Cheap Swiss Rolex Submariner Ref. 116610Then there is the dial color – offering effortlessly cooled black and mouth-watering “polar” white. The polar dial is completely cool and clean, and the white face is equipped with a white Lume plot and a black silhouette of Mercedes’ hand. On the other hand, black faces have a completely different appeal. Although it has the same features, the darker face really highlights the stainless steel bezel, the Lume hour plot, and the Mercedes hand filled with Lume (this time is platinum, not finished black). This is the appearance of a fist, and the color of the 24-hour hand – especially the orange – shines a bit brighter in black.

But if we look at the Submariner, we will find that it always has a dark face. The most common is the black dial, but the blue and green dial Submariners are incredibly popular, defining the faces are those beautiful round, Lume hourly figures that pop up against the darkness of the dial. To decompose it, you will also find a reverse triangle at 12 o’clock, down at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, with a rectangular Lume plot. These high-end watches come from the Swiss replica watches UK online shop.

Of course, at three o’clock, there is a date window under the sapphire crystal ring lens. The oscillating dial is the world-famous Mercedes hand and is also equipped with an easy-to-read Lume. The Copy Rolex Submariner’s dial is quite simple, yet stylish and versatile, which is attracting a lot of people to this iconic model.

High-quality Rolex Submariner Vs. Explorer II Replica: Movement

The earliest sport used in Rolex Explorer II was Caliber 1575, but over the years it has been replaced by more advanced sports to help the watch take full advantage of its adventure potential. The first major upgrade was Cal.3085, which allowed 24-hour hands to be independently adjusted from 12-hour hands. This means that Imitation Rolex Explorer II is no longer just a day and night, but can also be used to track a second time zone – turn it into a Greenwich Mean Time watch. Then there is Cal.3185, which is more improved with the Glucydur balance wheel, not only paramagnetic but elastic at extreme temperatures. The 3186 is followed by a blue Parachrom spring with diamagnetic and impact resistance for better durability. Finally, we have Hyundai Cal.3187, which has all the upgrades that this watch has won over the years – from GMT features to blue Parachrom hairsprings. It is also known for its high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers, 31 jewels, -2/+2 second/day accuracy, and 48-hour power reserve.

The Swiss Rolex Submariner has a longer history, so we have to start with the automatic movement 3135, which is, although upgraded for many years, has been used for all date display Submariner replica watches since 1988. Although the aesthetics of the Submariner can vary, Cal.3135 is still the trusted power source for this beloved watch because of its absolute reliability. Today, the upgraded Cal.3135 sport is COSC certified, equipped with diamagnetic and ultra-impact blue chrome springs and an impressive 48-hour power reserve, just like Explorer II.