The Luxury Swiss Replica Zenith Defy Inventor 18Hz Watch For 2019

The Swiss Zenith Replica Watches took about two years to perfect and industrialize the concept behind concept. The watch released a limited number of works in 2017 (here is a blog to watch an animated debut) released a lot of interesting Zenith Defy Lab watch. For watch lovers in 2019, they are happy to start using very high-frequency movements, which look cool at runtime, and can look forward to Zenith Defy Inventor – I am presenting for you today. It uses the internally manufactured Zenith Calibre 9100 Calibre and operates at 18 Hz… this year’s debut model, blue tone.

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The Zenith Defy Inventor Replica is the vast majority of Defy Lab Watches, but in some ways better. In addition to the increased collectability of Defy Lab (given its more unique nature), the only area that has an advantage over Defy Inventor (depending on your taste) is that Zenith uses Aeronith as the bezel and case, while Defy in 2019 Inventor uses a titanium case and an Aeronith case. If you recall our discussion of the original Zenith Defy Lab Replica, Aeronith is an exotic aluminum alloy that is very hard but very light. Considering its perforated surface, it seems to look like micro-Swiss cheese. The original Defy Lab watch had a sealant on the surface of the case to make it feel smooth. As a bezel material, Aeronith does not add any technology to any of these Defy watches from the perspective of overall “watch performance.” However, they are visually unique in appearance (for those who like organic materials and the appearance of the surface) and the highly competitive luxury watch space, which can help Zenith to say that they have materials that others have not used yet.

With a thickness of 44 mm and a thickness of 14.5 mm (water-resistant to 100 m), most of the Zenith Defy Inventor’s titanium casings are similar to other Defy series and can be designed for completely different movements and dials, both in terms of wear and appearance. Contributing (but a Zenith itself mimics the lower-priced models of the other lesser-known 9100 movements in its collection. The folding strap is rubber and the blue crocodile lining on the outside – perfect for wearing comfort and style Combine. Here you can see Replica Zenith borrowing heavily from the sister brand Hublot – if you are looking for a modern (and comfortable) watch wearing experience, this is a good thing.

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The reason for the excitement of Zenith Defy Inventor is that if you like the idea of ​​”vibrating” animation on the dial every time you see it, the movement speed is more than four times faster than the standard 4Hz. Let’s discuss each of these elements separately as they involve different watch purchase “propositions.” On the surface or not, people like swiss replica watches that look “cool”. The tourbillons are popular not because they make watches more accurate (at least not), but instead they provide a neat rotating animation on the dial. Other complications that provide motion or “animation” on the watch dial are often taken seriously by collectors. why? Well, because they are fun for the wearer and also help attract the attention of others (most people who wear luxury watches are looking for attention).

In addition to the “funny animations” on the dial, Defy Inventor offers performance not found in other watches. The 9100 automatic movement operates at 18 Hz and has a 50-hour power reserve (it is also produced from relatively thin 148 parts). This is actually 3 Hz higher than the 15 Hz frequency of the Zenith movement Z) 342 movement in the Zenith Defy Lab Replica Watch in 2017. The 18 Hz conversion is at a rate of 129,600 BPH, which clearly exceeds the 28,800 BPH frequency of the 4 Hz movement. Why do you need all of this speed? The faster the adjustment mechanism in the watch runs, the more times you can “beat” every minute. The more ticks it has, the less the effect error in any given beat will affect the overall accuracy of the motion. Please note that Zenith replica has made a zero claim for the 9100’s true timing results. This is very common in the watch industry, and we often see new technologies designed to improve the accuracy of watch movements, and the companies behind these movements do not impose any practical requirements on real-world performance. Few new movement designs are accurately accompanied by a commitment to real performance improvements.

Zenith Defy Inventor Replica For 2019

One reason is that the accuracy of each particular watch may vary, even if they have the same motion inside. This is because the movement is regulated and due to minor differences in the parts. The 9100 Calibre uses a large “single-chip” silicon structure as the main feature of the organ. This is called the Zenith Oscillator and was developed entirely by LVMH’s genius Guy Semon. Zenith made changes to the system between Zenith Defy Lab and Defy Inventor, but the idea remains the same. According to Zenith Replica Watches UK Factory, the Zenith Oscillator works well in real-world scenarios, taking into account differences in vibration, shock, and environmental changes. At temperature.

Currently, the Fake Zenith 9100 Automatic Movement has only time – but that doesn’t matter. It brings the legacy of the 5Hz “High Beat” El Primero sports family to the future, bringing an interesting prelude to the brand. Based on technology and culture and the direction of Zenith, I have a feeling that the direction of the brand in the next few years will really push the boundaries of high-frequency sports, how it works and how it performs. Ideally, more interesting complications are added. In 2019, Zenith replica released a high-frequency tourbillon chronograph with a chronograph operating at 50 Hz. Those who have followed Guy Semon for TAG Heuer and Zenith in the past few years should be aware of the development of his lab and how to integrate them into various high-end timepieces.

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This may sound a bit understated, but even if the Copy Zenith Defy Inventor is clearly a luxury timepiece, it may be one of the most affordable high-frequency mechanical watches available today – especially Zenith. The 2017 limited edition 10 Defy Lab replica watches are priced at approximately $30,000. For 2019, Zenith referenced the 95.9001.9100 / 78.R584 Defy Inventor retail price of $17,800.